CherryCherries have a very short fruiting season. In Hunza they are usually at their peak in June. In Gilgit, they are most ripe and at their peak in May.

AlmondAlmonds contain a high degree of oleic acid, which is believed to be the ingredient in olive oil that protects against heart disease.

RaisinsRaisins are made by dehydrating grapes in a process using the heat of the sun or a mechanical process of oven drying.

Apricot KernelsFresh, high quality, naturally-dried, Hunza-grown sweet/bitter apricot kernels which have not been steamed or cooked and, thus, retain their full compliment of natural nutrients.

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Wall-nut and Pine-nut season has started We have started dealing wallnuts and pinenuts in the current season. Please contact to place your orders as soon as possible.

We are also planning deal Brown Sugur in near future We are planning to deal Brown Sugur in near future from Pakistan.

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