These fresh and dried fruits are grown and sun dried in pollution free mighty Karakorum and Himalayan mountains valleys of Pakistan. Dry fruits and nuts are processed under supervision of qualified professionals. Farmers do not use any chemical fertilizers and pesticides, these fruits are healthy snack, having natural defense against diseases and are unique among other fruits for having natural flavor and taste.

Dried Apricot
Dried Apricot
Dried apricots, like all dried fruit, are much higher in calories due to their sugar content and may contain the preservative sulphur dixoide which may instigate asthma attacks. However they are a good source of iron and potassium.
Apricots are one of the first summer fruits. The are full of fiber, beta-carotene, and vitamins A and C. Drying, as a method of food preservation, has several benefits. Unlike frozen apricots, dried apricots can be stored at room temperature and do not rely on electricity to maintain their quality. Unlike canned apricots, dried apricots take up significantly less space and are processed more naturally, with less heat, resulting in a nutritionally superior, less altered apricot. Also, home drying your own apricots ensures they are sulfite free!
These dried apricot are supplied from the Northrn Part of Pakistan monstly from the Hunza and Gilgit.
Apricot Kernels
Apricot kernels are, like most nuts and seeds, very nutritious. Among the nutrients they contain is one called amygdalin, which is also known as vitamin B17. This attacks cancer cells, and thus can help prevent cancer from breaking out in our bodies.
Fresh, high quality, naturally-dried, Hunza-grown sweet/bitter apricot kernels which have not been steamed or cooked and, thus, retain their full compliment of natural nutrients.
Available organic and conventional
In two taste



Almonds have the highest protein content of any nut and are a valuable food for vegans and vegetarians. Almonds are rich in minerals, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and especially high in calcium. Almonds are high in mono-unsaturated fat which helps to lower cholesterol, especially the bad cholesterol (LDL). Almonds contain a high degree of oleic acid, which is believed to be the ingredient in olive oil that protects against heart disease.
Walnuts are a delicious way to add extra nutrition, flavor and crunch to a meal. While walnuts are harvested in December, they are available year round a great source of those all-important omega-3 fatty acids.
It is no surprise that the regal and delicious walnut comes from an ornamental tree that is highly prized for its beauty. The walnut kernel consists of two bumpy lobes that look like abstract butterflies. The lobes are off white in color and covered by a thin, light brown skin. They are partially attached to each other. The kernels are enclosed in round or oblong shells that are brown in color and very hard.
You don't have to be a backpacker or hiker to appreciate raisins as a convenient, high energy low fat snack; they are easy to pack, easy to eat and almost never go bad. Like other dried fruits, raisins are available throughout the year.
Raisins are made by dehydrating grapes in a process using the heat of the sun or a mechanical process of oven drying. Among the most popular types of raisins are Sultana, Malaga, Monukka, Zante Currant, Muscat and Thompson seedless. The size of small pebbles, raisins have wrinkled skins surrounding chewy flesh that tastes like a burst of sugary sweetness. While the colors of raisins vary, they are generally a deep brown color, oftentimes with hints of a purple hue.
The warm scent and flavor of baking apples is a sure sign that fall is just around the corner. In the Northern Pakistan apples are in season from late summer to early winter. However, many varieties are available year round because they have been either kept in cold storage.
Apples are crisp, white-fleshed fruits with red, yellow or green skin. They range in taste from moderately sweet and refreshing to pleasantly tart depending on the variety. The apple is a member of the rose family, with a compartmentalized core that classifies it as a pome fruit.
dried apple
Dried Apple
Dried apples are cored and sliced apples, with skin on or off, dehydrated or dried to remove the moisture.
Cored and sliced apples can be dried under the sun on a very hot day until they lose most of its moisture and turn leathery. Store them in clean dry zip-lock bags or airtight containers. They turn reddish brown on drying.
Dried Black Mulberry
The dried berries are not the most appealing looking fruit but the eating experience is amazing, they are sort of like crunchy raisins. The texture and flavor are complex, and seem to vary in a spectrum as you move from the crunchy, almost hard-candy-shell exterior into the intense, winey heart of each berry. Mulberry-almond paste made in the shape of mulberries Tout
Dreid White Mulberry
We provide the best quality, delicious and nutritious raw, naturally sun-dried mulberries in the market. These mulberries are purely organic and full or antioxidants, iron and Vitamin C. They are delicious eaten raw as snack, or added to cereal, muesli or cooked in compotes, with grains or used in deserts.
Cherries have a very short fruiting season. In Hunza they are usually at their peak in June. In Gilgit, they are most ripe and at their peak in May.
Pine nuts
Pine nuts
We have Pine nut available from the Northern Areas of Pakistan, in which: Dyamer Valley, and Bannu areas are most popular to produce an excellent quality of Pine nut.
Salt is being used in countries with cold climate for de-icing of roads, in oil refineries and as food additive. Rock salt can also be used in the form of bricks and table lamps . Pakistan has the largest mines of rock salt in the world.
The salt can be supplied as rocks , crushed and meshed in the natural form .
We have available salt in all seasons.
buck Wheat
Energizing and nutritious, buckwheat is available throughout the year and can be served as an alternative to rice or made into porridge.
While many people think that buckwheat is a cereal grain, it is actually a fruit seed that is related to rhubarb and sorrel making it a suitable substitute for grains for people who are sensitive to wheat or other grains that contain protein glutens. Buckwheat flowers are very fragrant and are attractive to bees that use them to produce a special, strongly flavored, dark honey
We can supply buckwheat in a large quantity regularly. Friends from all over the world are welcome to contact us.